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The forecast called for rain... but as luck would have it, the sun was shining brightly as we started their session!

Mr. & Mrs. R had a gorgeous Industrial styled wedding in Baltimore, MD!

So for their portraits at The Barns, I wanted to incorporate the softness of her tulle dress and sweeping hairdo, with the edginess of metal and warmth of wood.

This meant we traveled around Maple Valley Farm looking for location spots that blended the metal and wood aspect but offered natural light to make the image softer in nature.

The Hay Building/Machine Shed was a perfect place. Rust, metal, wood, hay, ladders, and twine gave us a backdrop of rustic, industrial authenticity.

The Horse Barn, located across the courtyard from the Venue was a perfect location to capture those cleaner lines of the vertical stall bars and horizontal boards.

In the courtyard, the gazebo mixed the metal roof, golden cupola, wooden base, and soft tulle to further enhance our vision.

As we headed down the lane to the peach orchard, we couldn't help but stop for a whimsical dress twirl!

After incorporating metal into the images, subtly or majorly, it was time to create a few softer images to round out their album. The peach orchard was just the place to do that!

Mr. & Mrs. R were so much fun to photograph!

Their young love was evident and I wish them all best!

If you are interested in incorporating an industrial look (or any other look) into your wedding day, The Barns at Maple Valley Farm can more than accommodate your vision! Contact Anna to set up a tour! If you are in the market for a wedding photographer, please contact me, Jacqueline Binkley Photography, through the In-House Vendors Page or my website. We look forward to meeting you!

Love Awakens Adventure!

The Barns at Maple Valley Farm


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