Cake or Donuts?


It is an exciting day because we love love love donuts! Especially the ones from Burkholders Baked Goods in Sharpsburg, MD.

Have you been? If not, I highly suggest taking a little trip over to their shop, like right now... your boss won't mind... ;-)

Regardless when you go, I hope you get your donut fix today! :)

I thought it was appropriate to write a blog about inspiration for your traditional wedding cake or yummy donut feast for your guests to enjoy!

So I ventured on over to Pinterest (gotta love that site!) and found ideas ranging from traditional to unique to personalized to rustic to cute to manly.

Personally, I had a traditional wedding cake, but I have been to plenty of weddings that offered donuts or cupcakes and have never been disappointed! (Of course, who would be? Delicious dessert after a meal and dancing? Sign me up!)

So with that said, it is completely up to your taste preference! I hope these images below give you so yummy inspiration and I do not apologize if your taste buds start telling your brain "Um... let's go do a cake/donut taste test... you know... just to check it off the list" (wink wink)

Enjoy! (and I mean that Literally!)

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