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Fall Bridal Session - Jacqueline Binkley Photography

I love Bridal Sessions!


Because they allow you to

1) Wear your wedding dress (because the dress deserves more than just ONE day! My mother and husband can attest that if I was not expected a baby soon, I would be in my dress right now writing this post! ;-D )

2) Choose locations that you want, but might not be able to visit on your wedding day due to time restrictions

3) It's a great way to get to know your photographer if you have chosen not to do an engagement session

I personally had a Bridal Session shortly after my dress arrived from the bridal shop! Although, I think it would be better to call the sessions: Celebrate The Beauty Of Being A Bride! But, I understand, thats too long of a name...

When asked about finding the perfect dress, everyone has heard married women say "It's just like meeting your future groom... don't over think it, when you know, you know!"

I didn't know what to expect when I went dress shopping, but as soon as I slipped on that dress covered in lace and blush roses, I knew. Then when I stepped out of the dressing room and walked down the aisle to the mirrors, it was confirmed. This was unquestionably the dress. As tears filled my eyes, the dress consultant, gently grabbed my hand, told me to close my eyes, and think of my future with my fiancé. She placed a bell in my hand, told me to make a wish for his & my future together and when the wish was complete, to open my eyes and ring the bell. Needless to say there was not a dry eye among my mom, my aunt, the consultant, and myself after this!

After that experience, once the dress arrived at the shop, I couldn't wait to put it back on! So my mom and I did my hair and makeup, then went all around the farm to create picturesque moments that would have pressed me for time on the wedding day.

It was perfect, and I would highly recommend any bride to schedule a bridal session!

I had the pleasure of photographing this Bridal Session the other weekend! Not only did she don a gorgeous wedding gown, but she added personal flair with a stunning and unique statement dress! My kind of Bride!! We went all over Maple Valley Farm to capture these images and create a memorable experience for her!

If you are interested in a bridal session, just reach out to me on the In-House Vendors Page, Jacqueline Binkley Photography. And if you have found The Barns at Maple Valley Farm to be the perfect venue for your big day, reach out to Anna on our Contact Us Page! We look forward to meeting you soon!

Love Awakens Adventure!

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