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10 Things You Need To Know About Your Barn/Farm Wedding... A Response

As we get in the swing of things for wedding season, engagement sessions, and our west coast collaboration (the power of instagram!), we've been writing down inspiration for upcoming blog posts. With all of these ideas, I am researching magazines, blogs, etc to guest speak and publish some new work ;-) That in and of itself is a full time job (whew!)

But in my searches I came across an article that outlined 10 topics that new brides should consider before they commit to their farm/barn wedding aspirations.

Reading through the list I kept thinking to myself...

"Well we have that..."

"Our Brides don't have to worry about that..."

"Really? hmm... yet another reason, The Barns is so amazing!"

Ok ok, I'm a little (just a little) biased on that last thought! But still... you catch my thought process.

1. Bathrooms - Does The Barns have Bathrooms

Does The Barns have bathrooms? You bet your buttons it does! Four to be exact... one accessible from the Bride's Room, one handicap accessible, and two additional restrooms

2. What extra would you have to rent when you Book The Barns

Included in your wedding rental are custom farm tables and gorgeous wooden folding chairs for 150 guests, buffet table, sweetheart table, cake table, gift table, and even four large glass drink containers! Maybe you would need to rent linens...

3. Flowers

Our courtyard garden blooms all season long! While the wildflowers are beautiful; floral designs are completely up to the bride's taste....DIY floral arrangements with flowers from Costco, stunning bouquets from a local florist, and beautiful greenery from the couple's friend's garden could add to your day!

4. Electricity! For the DJ that wants to play music, the photobooth that you must have, or whatever the caterer needs to use in order to supply food to your party.

Electricity is not in short supply at The Barns. Outlets in each room for getting ready, hair & makeup, catering, etc. Also larger voltage outlets for DJ's and Bands!

5. When does the party have to end ? While it differs from town to town and state to state and many farms are restricted with noise ordinance rules.

Luckily our restriction is 11pm which is reasonable for a reception

6. Hotels - We have clients that are married to the idea of the farm wedding, and are willing to travel 2, 3 and sometimes 4 hours away from their home in order to find the “perfect” place.

We LOVE it when Bride's travel to our venue from near & far! Great news for them and their guests... we are surrounded by about 10 hotels, all within a 5-8 mile drive!

7. How many people can comfortably fit into The Barns

Our facility can hold 200 persons, including your vendors. However, we do only supply tables and chairs for 150, since that is a typical size for a wedding guest list in our area.

8. Rule, restrictions, and other issues. Is The Barns a working farm with animals, fruits, hay and yes, with actual workers ?

We are a working farm, so we do require a scheduled time to visit when touring the facility. During your Wedding day the only "work" we still keep on schedule is feeding the horses, which guests love because the horses surrounding The Barns come to the gate to visit.

9. If you Love the barn concept because you saw decorated barns on Pinterest does it really exist at The Barns

No worries... we already have industrial chandeliers hanging! Along with Edison bulb lights strung around the Great Room and between the barns in the courtyard, numerous remote controlled fans to keep air moving throughout the barn, and flowy white curtains hanging in the doorway behind the sweetheart table! The photos on our website, Facebook page and instagram really depict our venue.

10. Walking, walking, walking. The idea of a farm is beautiful and you will want to utilize every part that you can. What options are there for those that can’t make the walk?

The Barns is handicap accessible... we have special parking, drop off/pick up areas, designated parking fields, and everything is centrally located for ease of access!

Don't let planning a Barn/Farm wedding seem daunting or overwhelming to you! Here at The Barns, we tried to think about your needs and wants before you even arrive. So please schedule a tour and see how The Barns will be the perfect location for your wedding or event!

Love Awakens Adventure!

The Barns at Maple Valley Farm serving WV VA MD DC & PA Brides!

Shenandoah Junction, WV

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