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Horse of the Month: Dulce (Dusty Class)

Jan 1 The Day of Birthdays for all Thoroughbreds and The Start of Foaling Season.

Dulce is the oldest thoroughbred mare we own, she is 13 this Jan 1st even though her real date of birth is April 13th.

There's at least one unusual fact about Thoroughbred horses: Every Thoroughbred horse in the Northern Hemisphere has the same birthday. No matter what month a Thoroughbred is born, its birthday falls on January 1st. The jockey club will consider every racing thoroughbred horse one year older on January 1st, just so all horses move up to the next level of races at the same time. It's to eliminate confusion. They do keep record of the horse's real birthday on their registration papers. January first has no significance with other registries, as far as that goes. It's just the Jockey club and other racehorse registries.