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Horse of the Month: Princess Ceta

In every story there is a beginning and this is the story of my first race horse Princess Ceta. She is out of the mare Dusty Class (Dulce) and by the stallion Cowboy Carson.

I was given the horse Dulce by our boss and friend Ralph Thomas with the agreement that he would buy the first foal from this mare. The mare was bred but early in her pregnancy she lost her foal so the following year we bred her again to the same stallion and in 2009 we had a filly. I called Ralph to tell him of the foal but over the year Ralph had gotten sick and didn't seem to remember our agreement. I thought...send him a picture of the filly and maybe that would jog his memory, but to no avail. So I named this filly Princess Ceta... Ralph mentioned in a conversation one day that I had pick a beautiful name for MY filly.

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