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Family Reunions

In a few days it will be Thanksgiving! Oh the turkey, dessert, mashed potatoes, stuffing, cranberry sauce, gravy, family, football, and did I mention the dessert?! ;-D

The food is great, the football is eh (I'm not a sports fan), but the family is priceless. Its always great to get the whole family together and see what Great Uncle George and your third cousin Amy have been up to during the year, but usually that extended part of the family isn't able to join you for the holidays since they will be with their more immediate family, same as you.

That' s why Family Reunions are a great way to gather family from every state (or country) and catch up over more great food, games, and lively music! The Barns is a great place to host your reunion in the spring, summer, or fall!

We have the Great Hall which is perfect for shading the family as they eat the smorgasboard of food, space outdoors for corn hole, horse shoes, set up a volleyball/badminton net or host a three-legged race, and not to mention being surrounded by horses who are eager to meet all of the family members, young and old.

The outdoor space is oh so beautiful in the evening at The Barns...

It's someplace where you can relax and enjoy the sounds of crickets and horses nickering as you watch fireflies dance across the fields

So enjoy Thanksgiving with your family and start brainstorming ideas to make your summer reunion an event the entire family looks forward too at The Barns!

Love Awakens Adventure!

The Barns at Maple Valley Farm


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