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Color Palette Ideas

It happened... I logged on Pinterest to create a new board to tell you all about the different, fun stations you can offer your guests at the reception, and I saw it... A post. About color palettes. And it drew me in. Shocking, I know ;-)

So now, the yummy food, drinks, and desserts I WAS going to blog about today will be posted another day in the near future, and instead we are going to scroll through the "Pin-spiration" board I just created above!!

Colors may seem daunting to some, yet easy to others. If you are like me, I need to hold the color in my hand whether it be a table cloth, fabric, napkin, cup, whatever the object may be, and have the chance to pair it with other colors and see how it makes me feel on the inside. Otherwise... I am like a lost sheep.

I can clearly recall a time I had a Bridal Booth to decorate and did not have the faintest idea of decor, color, or theme; absolutely nothing. I scrolled online for inspiration... nothing. Went to decor stores... nada. Finally after a week, mom and I went to the fabric store, and I saw it... this gorgeous navy colored fabric with a little teal hue to it with small fabric flowers sewn all over. Needless to say, I grabbed the bolt of fabric like it was the last bottle of water on a hot day and based the whole bridal booth off of this one silky material that my grandmother turned into pillows for me. The color palette ended up including the navy/teal material, silver accents, driftwood, light sage green paint, a small amount of burlap and a little white to soften the overall feel.