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Horse of the Month : Danger Kitten

Where Do Race Horses Get Their Names?

I not sure where Danger Kitten got her name from but it doesn't exactly describe her. She is one sweet mare!

She came to the farm on May 2012. The owner had to relocate and was looking for a good home for Danger Kitten and her foal. I went to the farm to see her and knew I had to have her... She is one beautifully put together mare with a handsome colt at her side, we named him Louie Cat after his sire Lewis Michael and his Mama Kitten .

She has had 4 foals to date... Her 2nd foal a filly we named Mojo's Promise named after her sire Mikimoto's Mojo and her great great grandmother Summertime Promise. While Kitten was in foal with her 3rd, we got the news that Louie Cat had died...He was a smart, kind and loving soul... So right then and there I knew if the foal she carried was a colt he would carry part of his 1/2 brother's name...In Feb we got the call from a farm in Maryland...You are the proud owner of a colt... Mojo's Louie Cat... It also helps that I have an Uncle Lou that I think the world of... Kitten's next foal was sired by a horse named Bandbox so finding a name would be a challenge... But the idea came and the colt was named after a man we had worked for, Ralph Thomas... Ralph would always call us when it was time to foal a mare at the barn...His words were "It's SHOWTIME!"... So Kitten 4th foal a colt is named Showtime Cat....In remembrance of Ralph...

Every horse has it's story and you hope that the name they carry suits them well!!!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

from The Barns at Maple Valley Farm LLC

Photo Credit - Jacqueline Binkley Photography

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