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A Fall Wedding - Gold, Pumpkins, & An Indoor Ceremony!

We had been having a dry late summer/early fall, so many of the weddings at The Barns were able to be held outdoors like the Bride & Groom originally planned. This wedding, however, had intermittent showers all day long. So they moved the ceremony indoors, which in my opinion, turned out gorgeous!!

When asked about our rain plan for ceremonies, we offer a couple ideas to our clients. One includes, placing the tables to the outskirts of the Great Hall and setting up the chairs in the middle like they would be set up outside.

That is the option they decided to go with, and it looks amazing!

The decor included gold, pumpkins, and light strands. Which made the great hall glow in the evening as they said their vows! The couple offered guests a large selection of homemade desserts to dine on after the couple was pronounced husband and wife!

Its not often that we post a behind the scenes look at the wedding day prep, but with this being a Sunday, 1-day rental, we were amazed at the amount of help this couple had and the efficiency in which they decorated! So we just had to post a few images of the work that went into getting this wedding ready. Plus, we are looking forward to seeing the images from the wedding photographer and will post another blog showcasing them! Enjoy!

Love Awakens Adventure!

The Barns at Maple Valley Farm


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