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Farm Tables - An Outdoor Reception!

No two weddings are alike at The Barns.

Why is that, you ask? Well, other than the fact that no two weddings are alike period. We are able to offer creative liberties to our brides.

So that means, just because we have gazebos built in the courtyard, doesn't mean that your ceremony has to take place in front of them. Just because the Great Hall has stained concrete floors, doesn't mean you have to dance on it. And just because we have custom built farm tables, doesn't mean your reception has to stay indoors!

We have had brides bring their own ceremony arch, rent an outdoor dance floor, do their cake cutting under the gazebo, host a band in the courtyard, have photos taken in the hay loft, drive up to the ceremony on an antique tractor, and take their bridal party up to the peach orchard for photos.

Every bride is special and unique and we love seeing their ideas unfold!

HOWEVER... there is one thing that I personally would LOVE to see happen.... are you ready for it??

An Indoor Ceremony & Outdoor Reception!

Ah, I turned the tables a little there! The Great Hall would be STUNNING filled with chairs lined up for an indoor ceremony, then have your guests mill outside to find their tables in front of the horse fields or in the courtyard.

So to give a better idea of what that would look like, and to showcase the gorgeous tables, we carried a few tables, decor, and chairs outside to set up different two different layouts. Family Style and Banquet Style.

This would be a great idea for a fall family reunion as well!

If you are looking for more inspiration on what this would look like with more tables, check out our Pinterest Board Outdoor Receptions!

I hope we have the joy of seeing a wedding or event utilize our outdoor areas like this! Talk about having space to move around! :-)

Let us know if you have any questions or want to book your date!

The Barns at Maple Valley Farm LLC


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