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We all know how fun it is to browse through hundreds and hundreds of inspirational photos on Pinterest...and we all know how gorgeous barn venues can be for country, rustic weddings.

But, did you know how gorgeous a Barn venue can be for a Vintage theme?

Or Industrial? Yes, industrial! The Barns already has the wood element mixed with stained concrete and metal chandeliers, so all you have to add are some hanging Edison light bulbs from pipes, wood and metal chairs, and other metal accents on the table. And there you have it!

I personally love the idea of an outdoor reception or dance floor in our Courtyard area! What can be more intimate than sitting under our beautiful patio lights, surrounded by our gardens, with the sweetheart table in our main gazebo? (Insert heart eyes here!)

We just had to put together Pinterest boards to show the potential for wedding decor that didn't fall in the country, rustic category that we all think of first when we hear Barn venue. But don't worry, we also put together separate boards for country and rustic decor too, cause you know, who doesn't love looking at those photos too?!

Follow us on Pinterest for wedding decor, bridal shower, baby shower ideas, and more! In the coming weeks I'll be posting more inspirational boards, so let me know if there is a theme you have in mind that you want me to explore!!

Love Awakens Adventure!

The Barns at Maple Valley Farm LLC

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